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Benefits of Hiring a Pro Painter

If you’re planning for a residential repainting project in Atascadero, CA Templeton, CA or San Luis Obispo, CA, you may be wondering if hiring a professional painting company is worth it. Well, in this article, we will be sharing six reasons why we believe hiring a professional painting contractor for your residential painting needs is much better than having it any other way.

Benefits of Hiring a Pro Painter

Saves You Money

When you’re considering saving some money on your painting project, hiring a pro is probably not your top go-to options. However, when faced with a large project such as repainting the exterior or interior of your home, there is quite a lot that can go wrong. For instance, you could pick the wrong paint, skip the primer where it’s needed, or paint over dirt and mildew.

Correcting such mistakes could mean hiring a contractor to repaint your home or having to repaint much sooner than you should have due to premature paint failure. Either way, skipping the professional painter could ultimately mean more costs sooner or later.

Timely Completion

Professional painting contractors have fully trained and experienced crews that can finish the job much faster and within the set timelines. This leaves you enough time to do other things like decorations, design and so on. DIY residential painting could take weeks or even months to complete. If you’re doing interior home painting, for instance, this means you might not be able to use some crucial spaces such as the kitchen and bathroom for quite some time.


Residential repainting is a fairly harmless and safe task, but there is still a lot that can possibly go wrong. You could fall off the ladder, grind off your nail with the orbital sander, inhale the harmful lead paint dust, corrode your fingers with bleach, the list is endless.

Professional painting companies invest heavily in training, the right tools, safety equipment, and certifications to make sure that such incidences don’t happen. They come with drop cloths, personal protective equipment (respirator, gloves, steel toe boots, etc.), painter’s tape, the right ladders, among other important accessories.

Proper Surface Preparation

Residential repainting can be quite involving, with labor-intensive tasks that cannot be skipped or skimped over. Exterior painting, for instance, might require pressure washing, paint stripping, sanding, and caulking. All these are crucial surface prep steps that require a lot of effort, patience, time and the right tools.

If you’re a DIY painter, you may not have the right tools, training or the patience to properly prepare the surface before painting, and this often leads to premature paint failure. To avoid this, consider hiring a qualified and experienced painting company like S. Peek Painting.


Residential painting can be a rather messy task –there is often paint splatters and spills, and dust particles flying everywhere. Professional painting contractors are trained on containment strategies and come prepared with vital accessories such as drop cloths, masking tapes, the painters’ canvas, and so on to contain the paint and resulting debris. Once they’re done repainting, they clean behind them to leave your rooms and spaces even cleaner than they found them.


Home repainting can be quite costly, and no homeowner should do it more often than they need to. Hiring a professional painting contractor ensures that the prep work is done correctly and thoroughly, the right painting techniques are used, and only quality paint products make it to the job site. Primarily, this is what makes paint jobs durable for years.

Bottom Line

Hiring a professional painting contractor for your home repainting task saves time and money, is safer, and guarantees quality and durability of your paint job. If you need reliable, durable and high-quality residential repainting service, S. Peek Painting can help. Simply give us a call today on 1.805.835.7121 to get started.

3 thoughts on “Benefits of Hiring a Pro Painter”

  1. I’m looking for a painting contractor because we’re planning to renovate our home, and repainting the interior and exterior is a crucial part of the project. Hiring a professional painting contractor will ensure the job is done efficiently and with high-quality results. I will remember that to ensure that such occurrences don’t occur, professional painting businesses make significant investments in training, the appropriate tools, safety equipment, and certifications.

  2. As I go through this article, I couldn’t stop thinking of my workmate who’s decided to have his home living room repainted this weekend. It’s a good thing you reiterated that professional painters are more well-equipped and knowledgeable in terms of the safety measures needed. Well, this is a sign for him to contact a painting company instantly.

  3. I’m in search of a painting contractor as we’re gearing up to renovate our home, and repainting both the interior and exterior is a key component of the project. Bringing in a skilled painting contractor is essential to ensure the task is completed proficiently and yields top-notch results. It’s worth noting that reputable painting companies prioritize thorough training, utilize the right tools and safety equipment, and hold certifications to prevent any mishaps during the process. This focus on professionalism and investment safeguards against potential issues, providing peace of mind throughout the renovation.

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