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Coronado Multapply

Coronado Multapply Paint Review

A change from the Coronado Paint Family

For the last 3 years, we have been using a product by Coronado called Rust Scat.  Rust Scat is a highly adhesive paint originally engineered to metal surfaces.  It adheres great to primed masonry, drywall, and wood.  It has excellent wetting properties (it’s ability to cover and adhere to a surface) and is incredibly durable.  Recently, Rust Scat has been rebranded and is now called Multapply.


Keeping the same formula that made Rust Scat a great all utility paint, Multapply offers the same practical uses as it’s former name.  It is a Semi-Gloss Acrylic Enamel offering interior-exterior finish for coating primed metal, wood or masonry surfaces.  It is water thinned so it poses no fire hazard or objectionable odor.  The acrylic resin results in vivid colors and superior gloss retention, meaning great protection in the coastal areas like Grover Beach or Arroyo Grande and great UV protection in the heat of Templeton or Santa Margarita.   Multapply is suitable for top-coating tanks, towers, metal buildings, signs, wood trim, furniture, even walls and various equipment.  It is not recommended for unprimed wood and metal, immersion service or high corrosion areas.  Finally, Multapply is best not used as house paint on wood siding.


How we use it

We love to use Multapply for our exterior doors.  It can be brush and rolled, but in heat above 80 degrees or direct sunlight it’s quick dry time can prove difficult to work this.  For this reason, we love to use it in our sprayers.  When sprayed, it provides an excellent even finish that will beautify any exterior door.


Some Reviews On the Internet

” … used this for the first time last week an so far so good. sags a bit but once you get the hang of it not much of an issue. appears to be a durable, hard, smooth as oil finish… levels out well..sticks to oil with a scuff sand (i tried it on some crown but not sure if i would trust it on some standing trim)……reasonably priced….. can take a shot of water or 2 ……hangs onto the brush when your running a lot of trim…. covers like a champ 2 coats semi over red an DONE …”


” This paint is simply amazing. I painted over 20 year old vinyl linoleum in the laundry room and moved the washer and dryer back into place a day later and the paint didn’t scratch! Shipped within 30 minutes of ordering and they tinted it the Sherwin Williams colors I requested. They also threw in candy as a thank you. Best customer service ever!!”


“I have used this product for decades. It is amazing. It brushes and sprays extremely well, dries quickly and has a beautiful finish. The 90-1 Semi Gloss White has a warm fuzzy place in my heart. I am using it currently on kitchen cabinets. Have used it on many cabinets in the past, the finish is very durable. It preforms excellent inside and out.”

Have you used it?  Let us know what you think!  Bought some? Contact us for any tips or tricks about it’s application. 

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