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Beautiful painted cabinets


Tired of looking at your 1980’s cabinets?

For a while now S Peek has been in the cabinet game painting and refinishing cabinets in our county.  More often then we like, we run into cabinets that need to be put to pasture.  The cabinet painting process is laborious, especially to achieve the standard we accomplish.  Unfortunately, when we run into cabinets that have been neglected or painted over several years by a poor craftsman, the process to renew is too expensive and not worth it to the client.  Before, we would often refer our clients to other companies in Morro Bay or Paso Robles, knowing that we were sending them down an expensive and long road.

Freshly painted cabinet doors ready to be hung!
Not Anymore.

Recently, we turned lemons into lemonade.  We accepted a cabinet job that was on the cusp of being not worth the work.  Because we offer a 9 year warranty on all our cabinets, it is in our best interest to make sure our work will last.  When we started prepping these cabinets, we found layers of lacquer and paint that would have compromised our process and would probably cause early onset arthritis due to all the sanding and stripping.  There was no way to warranty these cabinets, let alone provide a finish up to our standard.  So we started problem solving.

The Search Was On

We were looking for a cost effective solution for our client and thankfully, our clients was willing to work with us.  In the end, it is our goal to give you a product that is beautiful and will last.  We are always thinking of what is the best value for our clients at the highest quality possible.  Our client was willing to consider finding new doors for her cabinets, so I started calling around.
In one day we had found a cabinet maker down the street from us who would not only take the job on, but was able to get us new doors in 12 hours.  The client was happy to get new doors, new European hinges, and new hardware.  Meanwhile, my painters were happy their hands weren’t going to hurt for the next week.  It was a win / win.

New Cabinets Bored for European Hinges
Introducing Cabinet Carpentry Services Facilitated by S Peek Painting!

Working with this Cabinet maker, we are now able to offer services that were roadblocks to us previously.  If you have old cabinets with traditional hinges, there is a good chance we can retrofit your cabinet doors with European inset hinges for that more modern look.  Additionally, we are able to add boxes or even convert doors to drawers or vice versa.  You can have all of this at your finger tips with the S Peek service experience.   It doesn’t matter where you live in San Luis Obispo county or how old those cabinets are, give us a call, schedule an estimate, we want to help you with your interior project!



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