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Have you been thinking about painting the interior of your home or business, but aren’t sure how much to budget for the project? Peek Painting has created a detailed pricing guide, which offers estimates on interior painting.
The prices below are based on rooms with 8’ high walls with flat ceilings. Rooms with higher ceilings will be more. Price is also affected by how much extra prep work is involved. (i.e. Drywall patching of holes larger than a quarter-size, stress cracks in ceilings and wall joints, amount and weight of the furniture to be moved from walls, whether we need to paint your home/business, etc.)

All pricing includes moving furniture away from the walls, protecting your floors and furniture, removing electrical covers, and basic nail hole patching on the walls. Upon completion, all furniture will be moved back, and your floors will be left in broom-clean condition. All touchups will be completed to your satisfaction. Please note, we do not move appliances, TV's or remove art, decorations, knicknacks, etc. from areas to be painted. We would be sad if we, unfortunately, broke anything!

Large Rooms

Walls: $1200-$2500
Add Ceilings & Trim: $1000-$1,800 (additional to walls)

Medium Rooms

Walls: $700-$1,200
Add Ceilings & Trim: $500-$1000 (additional to walls)

Small Rooms

Walls: $400-$700
Add Ceilings & Trim: $300-$700 (additional to walls)


All One Color: $200-400


(Both Sides including Jamb and Trim)

Banister/Rail System

1 Story 1 color: $2,000-$3,500

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