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Most Common Drywall Textures in Houses!

Retexturing your homes walls and ceilings or looking to paint the existing surfaces? Drywall texture finishes not only add depth and personality to a room but also play a pivotal role in defining the overall aesthetic of your living space. In this exploration, we will explain a few of the more prevalent drywall textures, shedding light on their characteristics so you can either determine what you have in your home or decide what you would like to do when building or renovating existing spaces.

**1. “Level 5” or Smooth Perfect:**
At the foundation of drywall textures lies the smooth finish – a timeless and uncomplicated choice. This texture provides a seamless and flat surface, perfect for those who prefer a modern, sleek look. Its simplicity makes it a versatile option, serving as an excellent canvas for various design styles.

**2. Orange Peel:**
Moving up the texture spectrum, we encounter the orange peel finish. Resembling the surface of an orange, this texture introduces subtle bumps, effectively concealing imperfections in the drywall. Offering a casual and contemporary vibe, the orange peel finish strikes a balance between smooth and textured, making it a popular choice for diverse home aesthetics.

**3. Knockdown:**
If you desire a texture that adds a touch of complexity, the knockdown finish may be the perfect fit. After applying the texture, a gentle “knockdown” with a trowel or knife creates a flattened, textured surface. This finish is a fantastic compromise, providing depth without overwhelming the visual landscape. It seamlessly complements various design styles, making it a versatile choice for homeowners.

**4. Skip Trowel:**
For those with an artistic inclination, the skip trowel texture presents an opportunity to infuse a sense of randomness and texture. Achieved by applying drywall compound unevenly, the skip trowel finish exudes a rustic charm. This textured approach is particularly well-suited for individuals seeking a cozy, Mediterranean-inspired ambiance in their homes.

**5. Popcorn Ceiling:**
Though less popular in contemporary design, the popcorn ceiling texture bears historical significance. This unique finish, resembling cottage cheese, introduces a bumpy texture to the ceiling. While it adds a distinct touch, be mindful that personal preferences may vary, and it might not suit everyone’s taste.

Now that we’ve explored these drywall textures, it’s crucial to address the often-overlooked step of priming. Priming is essential to prepare the surface for paint and enhance the longevity of the drywall if the drywall is a newly applied texture and has never been painted before. Before applying any finish to bare drywall, a coat of primer helps seal the drywall, preventing it from absorbing too much paint and promoting a more even finish.

Consider the type of drywall texture you’ve chosen when selecting a primer. For smoother finishes like the smooth or orange peel, a standard latex primer is suitable. However, for more textured surfaces like knockdown, skip trowel, or popcorn ceilings, a high-build primer may be more effective in filling in the irregularities.

In conclusion, understanding the nuances of drywall textures empowers you to make informed decisions that align with your aesthetic preferences. Whether you’re drawn to the simplicity of a smooth finish or the artistic flair of a skip trowel, each texture brings a unique character to your home. Additionally, don’t overlook the importance of priming, as it lays the foundation for a flawless and long-lasting finish, ensuring your walls stand the test of time.

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