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Painting Interior

Painting Your Interior: To Occupy or Not to Occupy

You are tired of the colors in your house and you finally have decided to change the walls around you.   

That is it. Enough is enough, you have had it with those old walls in your house.  That ten year old dingy white needs to go.   You’ve made the decision and you are choosing which paint contractor to go with.  You get three quotes  from companies you carefully vetted from friend recommendations and online reviews.   Before making the decision you have to make a few decisions.  

To occupy or not to occupy? 

No, I am not talking about any of the geopolitical conflicts in the world today.  The decision to stay in your home while it is being painted is probably the most cost effective one.  That savings comes with some logistical difficulty and maybe a little bit of discomfort. 

Where to start?

The first step would be to ask the painters if it is possible to be in the house while it is being painted.  Most painters will be as accommodating as possible for the client.  So if the client would like to stay in the house, then the painter can work around the homeowner as much as possible.  There are a few variables that can make this a little difficult or risky for the painter and homeowner.  

Depending on the amount of work in the house, some processes are best when the house is vacant.  If your house requires any priming or extensive drywall repair, it would be best to not be present when the work is being done.  Fumes and particulates in the air can be hazardous to your health.  Consult your painter so that these steps can be best managed with your health and safety in mind.  

Other Considerations

Clients that have children will have to create a plan to minimize any potential chaos that comes with wet paint and unsuspecting individuals.  The easiest way would be to send them to Grandma’s on those days where wet paint will be in the picture.  Clients can coordinate with their painters to make a plan to best avoid any potential mishaps.  

Indoor pets also need to be considered when planning your indoor painting project.  The last thing you want is dog paws permanently decorating your hardwood floors.  Easiest fix would be to contain the fur-children to an area you know will not be painted or can be painted later in the project.  Many homeowners choose to keep their animals in the garage during the painting process.

Watching Paint Dry

For the client, being able to witness the process as it is being completed can be a gratifying experience.  You also are able to help the process by moving any personal items or belongings that are in the way of the painting process.  Many times, painters will be hindered by full closets of clothing, unmoved appliances and furniture, or things of that nature.  Most painters prefer not to move personal property and would rather respect the personal space of the client.  Occupying your home means you are able to observe the project and potentially avoid any mistakes that come from miscommunication or lack thereof.  

Conversely, painting in an unoccupied space means the painter is able to work freely in your home with less logistical constraints.  The processes of the job can be completed with efficiency in mind, without having to partition processes in order to accommodate the homeowner.  A vacant home is naturally less variables.  Less variables means less opportunities for mistakes.  Occasionally, the project will be less expensive if the home is vacant.  Not having to be in the home while it is being painted is also a more comfortable experience.  Ultimately, you and your painter will work together to do whatever is the best for your home.  

In Conclusion

Regardless of your choice, communication is key.  Establishing expectations for your home and the process is a great way to guarantee the best experience for your painting project.  At S Peek Painting, professionalism is at the forefront of everything.  We pride ourselves in our ability to provide a consistent and complete process that results in a high quality finish.  If you have any more questions please contact us, our information is below!  We look forward to helping you get it done.  

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