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SurfPrep, Where have you been all my life?

Let’s talk about a gamechanger.

That picture up there is a a power sander.  But it is not just any power sander.  It exists in a category of its own.  This picture exemplifies what sets apart the surfprep from other traditional sanding tools.  The foam sanding pad contours to the angles of the item you are trying to sand.  If you are a painter and you just read that sentence, take a minute to catch your breath.  I know you are excited, as am I, but I don’t want you to hurt yourself.

Say Hello to the Surfprep

The Surfprep offers various grits of sandpaper to cover all your fine finish needs.  It’s small size and shape works well to get hard to reach areas.  We’ve used it on various jobs, interior and exterior, from Paso Robles to Atascadero to South County.  Where the surfprep sets itself apart is the fine finish work.

Fine Finish

Anyone who has ever sanded a door with contours will tell you about the difficulty of providing an even finish on angled wood.  The Surfprep’s foam sanding pad forms to the surface you are sanding.  Doors, window trim, chairs, no crevice is safe from the sanding power of the Surfprep.  The sander itself offers various levels of vibration that will help you control the rate of sanding throughout the experience.  A vacuum port picks up all the sanding dust to make clean up that much easier.


Cabinet Painting Revolution

As everyone should know, cabinet paint is our jam at S Peek Painting.  The Surfprep has revolutionized our process.  We are able to provide a more competitive price because of our increased efficiency with the Surfprep.  Not only that, the surfprep thorough sanding capability offers unprecedented results with refinishing and reclaiming old cabinets.  Which means our cabinets are better than ever.  So good, we offer a 9 year warranty on every cabinet we paint.


How do I get one?

You can head over to and start perusing what they have to offer.  Systems start at just over $300 dollars.  My absolute favorite thing about this product is the company itself. They stand behind their product and offer exceptional service.  Just like us!   Here is a great video that shows what comes in a surfprep system.   Click around on YouTube to find some more videos of Surfprep in action and be amazed!


Let us know if you have any questions, we’d love to talk your ear off about this product!

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