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Painted Cabinets

The FAQs of Cabinet Painting

Here is the scenario:

You find yourself eating breakfast in that once new, now old feeling kitchen, looking around at a space that seemingly begs for renovation. So what do you do first? For those who like bold change, you need not look further than those old muted cabinets framing the walls of your kitchen. Newly painted cabinets can dramatically refresh your space, providing new accent and energy with minimal dust and demolition. At S Peek Painting, our painters specialize in transforming those old, tired cabinets into the highlight of your kitchen.  If you are considering painting your cabinets, we at S Peek Painting would like to help you DIY heroes.  We compiled some need-to-know information to help you make the best choice in your renovation project. 


Presenting, the S Peek Painting Cabinet Frequently Asked Questions:

What color can I paint my cabinets?

Short answer, whatever your heart desires!  If you are simply changing colors (like white to black) or repainting your colored cabinets with a fresh coat, know that your choice is not permanent.  In the years to come, if you get the itch again, a repaint is an easy process.  For those who are tired of the monotony of oak or alder wood grain cabinets, know that once the wood is covered with paint, there is no turning back. You cannot remove the paint, but have no fear, while you cannot return the bland wood from which you came, leaving the grain behind opens up a rainbow of color possibilities.  With a world of color options, we can guarantee you will never look back to the boring wood your cabinets once were.  

How long does painting cabinets take?

Most Paint Contractors will quote you one to two weeks to complete most cabinet paint jobs.  If you are doing it yourself, it all depends on how you plan on tackling the project.  Try partitioning your project into segments to minimize the “living in a construction zone” feel.  Do you have a paint sprayer? Are you planning on rolling or brushing your cabinets?  These are all questions that could factor into the time they will take.   While each project is unique, at S Peek Painting, we typically complete cabinet jobs in 3 – 5 days!  Depending on the size of the cabinets, that is about 60 – 80 hours of prepping and painting.  Doing it yourself will require you to schedule time to take on the project.  The secret is in the planning!

Can I paint the hinges on my cabinets?

Can you? Yes.  Should you? No.  If you paint the hinges with the same paint as the cabinets, the paint will not bond with the metal hinges, and eventually the paint will chip and fail.  

Do I need to dismantle my cabinets before painting?  

At S Peek Painting, our process requires us to remove all doors, drawers, and hinges- in order for us to provide the most complete painting process for your cabinets.  If you search the DIY world the internet provides, you will see various ways to avoid dismantling, but beware, these hacks and short-cuts will certainly show through on your final product.  If you want an even coat on all sides of your cabinets, the only way to do this is by dismantling, any other process will sacrifice quality and durability of your final product.  

Can I paint my kitchen cabinets myself? 

How much time do you have? In order to avoid a cabinet catastrophe, it is important to respect each step of the painting cabinet process.  At S Peek Painting, our teams typically take 3 to 5 work days to complete most kitchen cabinet set ups.  By yourself, following the proper process, this job could take two weeks or more.  Dismantling, masking, cleaning, sanding, priming and painting your cabinets each come with a steep learning curve and plenty of opportunities for mistakes, so DIY-er beware, seriously consider a professional when taking on your cabinets.  Believe me, you do not want to find yourself in home project purgatory! 

Will my painted cabinets fail?

Once you decide to paint, finding the right painter and understanding the process is vital to ensure the quality and durability of your newly painted cabinets.  With the right preparation and the right product, your cabinet paint will never chip or fail.  At S Peek painting, cabinets we paint are backed by our unprecedented warranty.  To avoid the yellowing, cracking, chipping, or any other type of paint failure, remember the 3 Ps to cabinet painting:  Right Product, Right Process, and the Right Painter.  

Will painting my cabinets remove the wood?  

When painting your cabinets, you can choose to keep the wood grain look on your colored cabinets or go with a modern solid uniform look. The difference is in the preparation.  Online, you can find grain filler products like Aqua Coat or a primer like Sherwin Williams Fast Dry Oil Primer.   Whether you use a product purchased at your local Benjamin Moore store or Home Depot, we recommend talking to a representative at the store before you commit to a claim on a label.  Feel free to email or all us, we would love to offer some insight.  At S Peek Painting, we use two coats of our specialized primer to hide all the wood grain on your old cabinets.  

Should I brush or roll my cabinets?  

Depending on the shape and design of the cabinets, you may have to do both!  Using rollers and brushes designed for cabinets will help hide any potential imperfections from laying the paint using either method.  At S Peek Painting, we prefer spraying cabinets.  A high quality painter spraying your cabinets will result in the best possible finish that will last.  This is the kind of service we provide.  


Have any other questions?  Feel free to contact us at  Or call us to schedule a hassle-free estimate @ 805 – 835 – 7121

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