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When To Paint the Exterior of your House

Sometimes, the decision to paint your house is an easy one

Like when you move into a new home.  One of the best ways to make a new home feel like home is adding your own color imprint to it’s exterior.   If you get the desire for change, painting your house is the most cost effective way to feel that “brand new” feeling for your home.  Conversely, if you are selling your home, a fresh coat of paint will give your house an eye-catching edge to prospective buyers looking for a home. While these situations make your painting decision a little easier, it is important to know when painting your house is more of a need, than a want.  Generally, the exterior of your house should be painted every 5 to 10 years.  Depending on the quality of prep work done, how well the house was painted, the surface of your house, and the quality of paint; the timeframe for a repaint can vary.  The good news is, there are a few universal ways to check and see if your house is in need of paint.  Because we at S Peek Painting want you to be as informed as possible, we will be answering two main questions regarding house painting:


  • How to tell when the exterior of your house is in need of paint
  • What time of the year is best for painting your house 


If you know what to look for, identifying when your house is in need of painting is not difficult.  Now, the easiest way to identify a house in need of paint is the eye test.  If your house looks like any of the following usual suspects, the house is in need of some paint love.  

When you are walking around your house, look for:



Fading paint is usually found on the side of the house that receives the most sun.  It  will appear lighter or cloudy compared to the rest of the house.  This is a sure sign the paint is compromised and in need of a professional touch.  


Peeling, Bubbling, Wear and Tear-

When you see paint bubbling or peeling, exposing the wood below the paint; your house is in dire need of a professional painter.  Wear and tear, usually found around high traffic areas or around plants or trees near your house, appears as if the paint has literally been rubbed off, exposing the wood below.  


Gaps, Failed Caulking-

In time, your house will shift and settle, creating voids and gaps between siding, corner boards, and essentially any seam of your house.  These gaps create opportunities for water penetration, which can compromise the bones of your house.  Keep a look out for holes and gaps around caulked corners, end joints, and the seams of your exterior.  Failed caulking and gaps are a good sign  that it is time to paint.


Rust Stains- 

Whenever metals on a house are exposed to moisture and oxygen, rust is caused.  Often, nails and other metal not properly sealed will cause rust stains on your exterior paint.  These stains are telling the homeowner that moisture is getting under your paint, and it is time to put a new layer of protection on the house.  


Now if your house is showing signs of painting,

the next question you have to answer is when to paint.  If you are fortunate to live on the central coast of California, the answer is virtually anytime. Spring and Fall are the most ideal climates for painting in San Luis Obispo County.  Luckily, painting is still very possible during the moderate winters and summers.    For the rest of the world, most people are looking for sunny, temperate weather.  You want to avoid freezing temperatures, scorching heat, or any moisture.  

We recommend contacting your local painting company for a free estimate and they will surely give you their professional opinion on the best time to paint.

If you live locally here in SLO county, give us a call and we will happily come by and let you know whether or not your house is ready for our professional touch.  


Feel free to contact us with any questions at  Or call us to schedule a hassle-free estimate @ 805 – 835 – 7121



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