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Color Consultation

Why You Need a Color Consultant

Excited today to share with you some great advice regarding a very important, arguably the most important factor when painting your home: the colors!

After you decide the house needs a fresh coat, you may start feeling a little pressure in determining the color scheme.  How do you choose the colors that represent you?  or your family? Or the aesthetic trends of society at large?  

Stop.  Don’t over think it.  Your color choices can be a natural, simple decision.  This decision starts with a phone call to a color consultant that will literally remove the complex soul searching that can complicate the process.

But don’t take my word for it, below are some helpful anecdotes from our previous clients that used our recommended color consultant:

Vicki from San Luis Obispo County says…

Why did you decide to use a color consultant?

We decided to use Brittany because she was part of your package, and we decided to use Peek because she was part of the package. 

What would you say the benefits of the color consultation would be?
An objective, expert eye on what might look nice for our house. We never would have come up with a green living room but we love it!
Would you recommend this to other homeowners and why?
Absolutely we’d recommend her – she’s super friendly and accommodating, and while she was happy to go along with what we envisioned she also broadened our perspectives on what was possible. She helped us think outside the white box. 
E. from San Luis Obispo County says…
Why did you decide to use a color consultant?
I thought I knew what I wanted, but felt a lot more comfortable having a professional’s opinion, especially considering painting is an investment. I knew a consultant would help me select colors that worked best for the style of my home and would look great for the long-term. 
What would you say the benefits of the color consultation would be?
She made me feel confident in my decisions, she was able to share her experience with certain paints and color choices, and she steered me in the right direction. 

Would you recommend this to other homeowners and why?
Most definitely! I wouldn’t paint my house without a consultation! I am so happy with the color and quality of paint.

We have yet to hear a negative experience from a client who utilized our color consultation service.  Brittany Wellington, of Brittany Wellington design, is the color consultant we trust here at S. Peek Painting.  We asked Brittany to provide information all about color consultation.  Here is what she had to say:

Brittany Wellington of Brittany Wellington Design says…

(Why Choose a Color Consultant?) Meeting with a color consultant will help you to decide confidently how you’d like to paint your home. Color can be tricky, and painting is a big investment. You want to make sure you choose something you love and can live with for the long haul. A color consultant can help you evaluate ideas you may already have and narrow down what you do and don’t like. If you don’t have a clue where to start, that’s okay, too. We’ll help you get a feel for what colors will work with your existing conditions: What do your neighbors’ houses look like? What landscaping do you have that may play into your design? What style is your house, and what schemes would best complement it? Where will the sun be when you come home in the evening, and how will that exposure affect the way you perceive color? Light, surroundings, architectural style, and personal preferences all play into what color(s) you choose to paint your home.

(What is the process like?) You will have one or two meetings with your color consultant, depending on how much you have already decided. At your first appointment, we’ll come with fan decks and ideas, and work together to come up with a cohesive palette. We (S. Peek Painting) will then procure samples and put them on paint boards to deliver at your second appointment. At that point, we’ll be able to walk around those areas to be painted with our paint sample boards, discussing everything that may impact the way the colors behave. You’ll be able to then make an informed decision about which specific colors you want to go with. Your consultant will relay that information to S. Peek Painting, and the hard part will be over! All you’ll have to do then is wait to be blown away by the results.

And blown away you will be!  Big thanks to Brittany and our clients for their input.  I hope this helps all those people out there struggling to decide on colors.  As always, do not hesitate to contact us using one of the options below.  If you are a San Luis Obispo County native, reach out to Brittany at, you will not be disappointed!


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