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Paint Sheens Explained!
  Choosing the right paint for your home involves more than just selecting the perfect color. One often overlooked aspect is the sheen of the paint, which can significantly impact the overall look and feel ...
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Most Common Drywall Textures in Houses!
Retexturing your homes walls and ceilings or looking to paint the existing surfaces? Drywall texture finishes not only add depth and personality to a room but also play a pivotal role in defining the overall ...
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Beautiful painted cabinets
Tired of looking at your 1980's cabinets? For a while now S Peek has been in the cabinet game painting and refinishing cabinets in our county.  More often then we like, we run into cabinets ...
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Coronado Multapply
Coronado Multapply Paint Review
A change from the Coronado Paint Family For the last 3 years, we have been using a product by Coronado called Rust Scat.  Rust Scat is a highly adhesive paint originally engineered to metal surfaces.  ...
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Paint it Forward in San Luis Obispo County!
Calling all residents of San Luis Obispo county:  We are starting our two month campaign for a free paint project to one deserving household, business, or office in San Luis Obispo county.  To nominate it ...
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SurfPrep, Where have you been all my life?
Let's talk about a gamechanger. That picture up there is a a power sander.  But it is not just any power sander.  It exists in a category of its own.  This picture exemplifies what sets ...
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Reclaiming Painted Wood, Returning to a Natural Finish
  Best Ways to Remove Paint and Reclaim Wood. Recently S Peek Painting accepted a project to remove the paint from columns and beams on a front porch of a quaint farm house located in ...
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Clean up Paint
Cleaning Up Those Paint Spills
DIY PAINTERS BEWARE!  The biggest issue that comes with tackling those paint jobs  yourself is the dreaded paint spill.  Whether it be bleeding, spilling, over spray, or any other type of paint spill mishap;’ almost ...
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Painting Interior
Painting Your Interior: To Occupy or Not to Occupy
You are tired of the colors in your house and you finally have decided to change the walls around you.    That is it. Enough is enough, you have had it with those old walls in ...
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